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We are searching for Counter Strike Global Offensive boosters. If you meet reqruitments send your application using our booster application form.


  • Global Elite
  • Faceit Elo 2200+ or ESEA Rank A+ or higher
  • pro player profile will be advantage
  • Good in English
  • Available to play 12 games each day!

you need to know

  • Before writing your application you should know that, we get 5-10 applications per day, so you must write a good explanation why we should choose you over others.
  • If you are below Global Elite, Faceit Level 10 or ESEA Rank A+ currently do not apply, we won't reply for your application. Get your own rank higher before you try to get others higher. Our reputation is important.
  • The screenshot you need to take is to prove you are who you are, we get alot of MGE-DMG players trying to boost claiming they are Global or higher.
  • We should reply to your application within 7-14 days. If the time passed and you didn't received an email from us it can only means that recruitment is closed at the moment or we have choosen a better candidate than you.

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